Welcome to the Spicers E-Catalogue.

This is your source for high quality media and data for your web store, provided in a single unified format that will make updating and maintaining your web store simple, by using automated scripts.

All technical support questions should be emailed to support@open-range.com – please do not contact Spicers, all support is direct with Open Range Ltd.

Once your request has been reviewed and verified by us, you will be issued with your passwords and full documentation. Please check the Terms and Conditions under which the data is provided by clicking here. The Terms and Conditions are also included with the implementation documentation.

Please feedback any comments and suggestions to support@open-range.com – your feedback is valuable to us and will influence how the service develops. We look forward to working with you to supercharge the features of your web stores.

Existing Product Data Subscribers

If you have an existing Spicers Developer Data account, or you wish to Upgrade your data service, or you have an existing Open Range product data account, please login with your username and password.

New Users

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