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Product Data Feeds

Get-The-Spec™ Product Data Feeds

Get-the-Spec™ fills the gap between the needs of UK and Irish resellers and manufacturers by providing high quality, up-to-date product specifications in a format that can be easily imported into ecommerce systems.

Despite it being common knowledge that this is an industry wide problem, it is impossible for manufacturers and distributors to resolve, because each vendor describes their products in different, non standard ways. This is why an independent third party like Open Range is needed to create a standard and apply it across all manufacturers in a common industry.

Get-the-Spec is the leading product data service for IT, Office Products and Electrical Appliance Distributors and Resellers in the UK and Ireland. The data is sourced from official manufacturer sources, and transformed in our state-of-art data centre into a standardised database format that can easily be imported into any e-commerce system