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Privacy Statement - Website Information Collection and Use

Open Range Data Services Ltd is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from that are disclosed in this statement. Open Range Data Services Ltd collects two kinds of information from our users at several different points on our website.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information is any information such as your name, company name, email address, phone number, or other that separates you from everyone else. Open Range Data Services Ltd collects such information when you place an order, or when you volunteer the information by filling out a form on our site. Except on court order, or in the circumstances specified below, Open Range Data Services Ltd will not share, rent, lease, distribute, publish, or otherwise make available any personally identifiable information about its customers or visitors to any third party without permission from the individual from whom the information was collected.

Statistical Information

Statistical information is information not linked to any specific person. Examples of statistical information include how many individuals visited a particular page, the number of visitors using different internet types of browsers, or the number of times a particular piece of software has been downloaded. This information is of interest to Open Range Data Services Ltd because it helps us design our site and make the information on the site as easy to find and use as possible. It also helps us determine what products to offer, and estimate the number of individuals and/or companies interested in our products. Open Range Data Services Ltd may share statistical information with affiliates, customers, advertisers, or others with a business interest in knowing about the Open Range Data Services Ltd site's traffic patterns and volume. Any such information shall not be linked, even indirectly, with information that could allow a third party to discover personally identifiable information.

General Customer Information

Open Range Data Services Ltd shall treat all customer information in strictest confidence, although general statistical information may be shared. However, individuals who provide contact information as part of normal business procedure, for example when inquiring about pricing, leaving a voice-mail or email message, or checking a box on an online form indicating interest in follow-up, are implicitly or explicitly requesting to be contacted. Open Range Data Services Ltd will use the information thus provided to satisfy the customer's request, which may occasionally require sharing the information with an affiliate or a third-party. We will not, however, provide personally identifiable information for any other purpose.

Unsolicited Commercial Email and Advertisements

Open Range Data Services Ltd makes every effort to ensure that individuals receiving email from Open Range Data Services Ltd have requested and welcome the email. We will not, under any circumstances, send blanket unsolicited email, or knowingly provide information to any affiliate or third-party that may do so. Open Range Data Services Ltd does not advertise by email, either directly or by mass marketing, and does not sell, rent, or lease lists of email addresses. Open Range Data Services Ltd uses the email addresses provided by its customers and visitors for follow-up purposes, including inquiring about customer satisfaction, notifying registered customers of available upgrades and new products, delivering software, and resolving technical support issues. In order to receive automated announcements of any sort, each customer or visitor must fill out an online form providing the email address, either while purchasing a subscription, while requesting an evaluation, or ask to be to be included while communicating with Open Range Data Services Ltd in some other fashion. Open Range Data Services Ltd never purchases, leases, rents, or uses email lists composed of individuals who are not already connected with Open Range Data Services Ltd in some way, or who have not asked to be placed on one of our lists. There are four circumstances where a customer may receive automated email from Open Range Data Services Ltd:

When you first log onto our site, our system will send you a one-time confirmation letter. Additionally, if you forget your password, you may request via the website for us to email your password to you. For your own security, the password can only be emailed to the address you provided when you first signed up.

Registered Data Users
Open Range Data Services Ltd normally delivers its data to registered Data Users of software by emailing a download password to the customer. This download password allows the customer to log onto our website and download the data the customer has subscribed to receive.

Evaluation Data
Open Range Data Services Ltd often sends routine follow-up notices to visitors who have downloaded evaluation data, to inquire about the suitability of the data for the customer’s project, the customer's satisfaction, and whether or not the customer wants to subscribe to a regular service. These follow-up notices are only sent to individuals who have requested sample data.

Mailing Lists
Open Range Data Services Ltd maintains several mailing lists that customers or visitors may join. Enrolment in these lists is entirely optional. Customers or visitors must request membership in these lists, and may subsequently opt out at any time clicking on the appropriate link supplied in every e-mail, or by contacting Open Range Data Services Ltd and asking to be removed.

Direct Debit Information

Open Range Data Services Ltd takes every reasonable precaution to ensure that customer Direct Debit information cannot be accessed inappropriately.