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What's in the Product Data?

Our Get-the-Spec product content service delivers high quality product data that supercharges your store and enables you to drop ship products from a range of hundreds and thousands.

You get high quality, multiple product images, accessory and consumable products linked to their parent products to increase your sales of these profitable items, logical categorisation, manufacturer categories and fully searchable attributes and manufacturers documentation such as .pdf brochures and manuals.

Now you can accurately display hundreds of thousands of products, all maintained and updated automatically without any effort on your part.

Our Data Feeds are intended to support e-commerce transactions and in house sales staff. Therefore they cover the most popular products being distributed. The product data covers wide ranges of products which include:

Computers and Information Technology

  • Desktop / Notebook / Handheld Computers
  • Professional Workstations
  • Thin Client Systems
  • Servers
  • Network Cards / Network Infrastructure Components
  • Storage Systems
  • Computer Components and Accessories
  • Digital Cameras
  • Software

Consumer Electricals

  • Cookers
  • Fridges and Freezers
  • Televisions
  • Radios
  • Music and Hi-Fi Systems
  • Hairdryers

Office Supplies

...and much more.

Cross / Upselling Benefits

The catalogue also links accessory or optional products to the main parent product. This encourages the purchaser to choose optional extras when purchasing the main product and help increase the value of each sale.

We are continually adding other manufactuers, the order being determined by feedback from the IT VAR community. The catalogue includes full product information, marketing text, part numbers, product images and UNSPSC code numbers.

Examples of the data maintained in our product records can be found here.

Data feeds are available in either rich XML or CSV formats depending on your requirements. A hosted version of the service is also available for those with limited development resources.