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Rich Media - Products and Images

The Media Pool option adds the ability to display multiple hi-resolution product images, and media such as manufacturer product brochures, data sheets and manuals, the documents being in .pdf format. Product Videos are planned to be added at a later date.

rich media optionsCustomers have reported an increase in sales conversions of at least 15% when adding the MediaPool option to their web stores. Having this data on your store immediately makes it stand out from the competition and gives you a real competitive edge.

The Media Pool

Open Range does not link to manufacturer sites for this data, because the links can become broken when manufacturer web sites change. We collect and store this information on our public servers to ensure that it is always available to our users. Because of the size of the files, it is not practical distribute this media using the same methods as the standard feed.

How It Works

The file sizes required for quality images and media are very large and it is impractical for most customers to download and store this data (although this option is available).

The MediaPool resources, images and .pdfs, are accessed via http links. The links are unique to each Open Range customer and are downloaded from your access area.

The Watermark Editor tab enables you to create and edit watermark for all your images. Properties that can be set include font, text size, colour, rotation and transparency. Two additional watermarks can be saved, if required, with alternative text and display properties. This stops your competitors from ‘stealing’ your high quality images.