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How our Product Data Feeds work

The Get-the-Spec ™ Service from Open Range provides rich product data – but not product prices because these are between you and your suppliers.

how our data feeds workYour distributors publish basic product price lists which usually include the product part number, basic product description and standard price or recommended buy price. These are available from the leading UK distributors on request and are in a text delimited format that can easily be imported into your systems on a daily basis.

These files are used as the prime source to populate your core systems. Many resellers combine files from multiple distributors, pre-filter them using predefined database queries and then import the remaining records.

Open Range Get-the-Spec ™ data can then be linked to this data by referencing the manufacturer part number which should be common to both sets of data. The user may choose to keep the product descriptions on the imported files or replace them with the more detailed Get-the-Spec ™ product descriptions. However, the choice may be limited by the field lengths that your core systems can hold, as Get-the-Spec ™ product descriptions may be larger than the field lengths available in some financial applications.

We recommend that Open Range data is stored in a separate SQL based database and linked into your store application, which enables you to enjoy maximum flexibility in developing and displaying the data.