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Multi-lingual Copywriting with Built in Search Engine Optimisation

seo copywritingOpen Range has access to a team of over 1,000 translators and copywriters covering 32 languages. The service is ideal for those companies who are exporting their products to new markets and want to ensure that the product descriptions are fully optimised for web searches. This can require a different approach to traditional ‘brochure’ product copy that is found in traditional paper based brochures.

SEO copywriting requires local knowledge of the search engine (different countries have different algorithms or 'rules' on keyword density and keyword location). Additionally, the content needs to be localised to readers so the type of writer selected needs to have experience in several facets:

1) The company they are creating the content for. The products, service and any marketing communication guidelines

2) The readers and end users. Profiles and demographics assist with tailoring the content. In the case of product descriptions this isn't so important, but helpful if provided.

3) The search engine rules and the ability to write copy that grabs attention. Particular attention is paid to the Meta title and description to get the maximum click through rate.

We provide the following services...

1: Multilingual SEO Copywriting (basic keyword research)

This includes basic keyword research to identify keywords that match the product/service and have a promising search volume.

2: Multilingual SEO Copywriting (comprehensive keyword research)

This involves finding keywords that match the product/service and providing a thorough examination of the top 10 competing sites for the 'best keyword' out of the group. The best keywords are those with the highest monthly/daily search volume relative to the number of competing pages. The keywords most relative to the product/service, with the highest search/lowest number of competing pages and little to no competing sites is going to require the least effort to gain top positions in search results.

The Findings are highlighted in a report delivered in excel and then incorporated into the multilingual copy for the product or service.