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High Quality Photography & Revolving Images

hi res imagesOpen Range offers a digital asset and management service to manufacturers of all types of products. In our purpose built studios, designed for high quality and high throughput, our professional photographers take multiple photographs enabling web stores to display the data in hi-resolution, multiple views. We also collect key data and then manage the digital information in our purpose built repository, making it available to Internal staff, on-line websites, agencies, in-house or wherever it needs to go.

Products of any shape and size can be catered for as well as customised ‘spin’ or revolving images created using the specialised camera rigs designed for the purpose.

The transactional website can be updated daily with any new or changed lines as the Open Range service continues to ensure that products sold are up to date using leading edge data transfer methods.

The data is connected to our Get-the-Spec product database specification service which enables web store owners to import searchable product content and images to populate their web stores.

In addition, the information (images/data) held can be further used for marketing collateral (leaflets/flyers/magazines /in-store cards), space planning, kiosks, point of sale etc.

In summary

· Outsourced content providers
· High quality consistent images
· Supplier warranted data
· Supplier community management
· Central digital asset library
· Defined progress reports
· Image re-use for many purposes

For further information, please contact us on 0845 330 0618 for further details.