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IT and Consumer Electronics

Our IT and Consumer Electronics database features products from all the leading brands...

From high-end enterprise computer servers, desktop systems to mini-notebook computers, from ink cartridges, to network routers and switches to the latest smart phones and PDAs, from the latest laptop and tablet computers to carry cases printers and all their accessories, as well as software including corporate software licensing records Open Range provides the complete range of IT products available in distribution.

Your Get-the-Spec/IT service which meets all the requirements of modern e-commerce systems and markets like Amazon and Ebay.  The service is affordable – no matter what the size of your company is.

The product data is the most comprehensive available in the industry and includes:

  1. Fully Searchable Attributes- these are special attributes that support fully Guided Navigation.  For the first time, users of ANY ecommerce platform can design their stores to have Guided Navigation which enables users to quickly filter products down to select only those products that have the key features they want.
  2. Multiple Product Images - high resolution – Our Get-the-Spec data delivers multiple images at a variety of high resolutions for today’s high resolution displays.  These can include lifestyle and in context images as well as primary product images
  3. .pdf Brochures, Manuals and other Documents - Manufacturer original PDF brochures and other documents are linked to the product data so that prospective purchasers and customers can read and print them media directly from YOUR Web Store.
  4. Consumables and Accessories (such as Toner and ink cartridges) are linked to the parent product, making it much easier for customers to buy additional cartridges at the time of buying the main product, promoting the sales of these items and to power “Cartridge Finder” type applications within web stores.
  5. Accurate Cross Matching across Distributors- where multiple distributors supply the same product,  Our Get-the-Spec data includes distributors’ internal part numbers accurately cross matched to ensure which ever distributor you choose, our data will match up to their price feeds
  6. Multiple Classification/Category Methods - Open Range supports the UNSPSC (United Nations standard products and services classification) system which is a worldwide classification standard and requirement for supplying many government and public sector purchasing organisations.  When combined with our searchable attributes, our Get-the-Spec data enables you to classify and filter products in any way you choose, enabling you to significantly improve the ease of use for shoppers and stand out from the competition.
  7. Your own branded products - If your company has its own brand printer consumables or paper, these can be included in your own, exclusive product data feed. 

Working with Manufacturers to replace “Product Family” Images with single images – We all know that these are pretty useless for Ecommerce but it is taking the manufacturers a long time to resolve this issue.  So whilst we can’t get rid of product family images overnight, we are working with manufacturers and brand owners to replace them with the individual product images demanded by ecommerce and markets like Amazon and Ebay.  Open Range has comprehensive specialist photographic facilities which can even be set up on site at manufacturer offices or warehouses, where volume makes this practical.

Pricing Pricing - we want the service to be affordable to all levels of reseller – no matter what the size of your company is. Therefore, we have provided options to meet every level of budget.  Contact us now for more information, either by emailing sales@open-range.com or calling 0845 330 0618

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