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Frequently Asked Questions about our Product Data

Won't having the same Product Data as other companies ruin my search engine rankings?
Absolutely not. If this was a case our hundreds of customers would get a similar search engine ranking, either all be on page 1 of results, in the middle or last. Obviously this is not what happens. Some stores are frequently at the top of page one of Google and others are way down.

Why? It is because search engine optimisation (SEO) is far more sophisticated than simply the content you have. Key factors such as store structure, properly constructed internal links, landing page design, page URLs and the number of links have a much greater influence on SEO ranking than the product data. Outsourcing your data management simply removes the burden and high costs of doing it yourself. What's more, we don't dictate how you use or display the data so it can be made to look as individual as your store.

Can I use it in more than one store?
Yes - you can use your data in as many stores as you like. In fact, it makes a lot more sense to have multiple stores under different brands or with different product focuses to maximise sales. If this is difficult to manage on your current store, you may wish to consider alternative platforms such as the one supplied by Netalogue, which enables you to run as many branded stores as you like from a single backoffice administration area.

Does it include large images?
Yes, there are several options for the service Get-The-Spec. Enterprise includes large product images, multiple views and 'in context' images, subject to the availability from the manufacturer.

Are EAN numbers included?
Yes, provided the manufacturer provides EAN and UTC numbers (which are used for barcodes) these are included in the data.

Do I have to sign an annual contract?
No - the standard way of subscribing to the service is to set up a quarterly direct debit which can be cancelled at any time. We do not lock you into our service because we believe that if your store is successful, you will be very satisfied in using us as your data partner. If your store is failing, you need to replace it and therefore won't want to have to spend money on a data service that is not being used.