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E-Commerce Services

Open Range clients requiring a comprehensive ecommerce solution have full access to the Netalogue™ ecommerce platform and support services which include exclusive and seamless Open Range integration capabilities...

Netalogue E-Commerce

The Netalogue platform is a robust and sophisticated enterprise platform catering to most b2b, b2c or b2b/c requirements, across most industry sectors.

• Powerful and highly trusted Microsoft .NET based ecommerce platform that processes in excess of £100m of ecommerce transactions for fast growth and mid-market companies that have sales turnovers ranging from £500k to £500m.
• Full integration with Open Range data platform at all levels.
• Experience developing World class solutions that operate in most industry sectors.
• Specific focus and expertise in b2b markets with full support for popular punchout, marketplace and other integration requirements.
• Highly scalable and flexible platform with Enterprise grade feature list.
• Support for mobile phone ecommerce including iPhone and Android phones.
• Ability cater for the largest Enterprise level projects yet scale down to offer a viable solution for resellers and start-ups.
• Integration with most back end ERP solutions including SAP, etc....

Open The Netaloguetm Ecommerce Platform is used extensively by maany major corporations and SMEs.  Commenting on the Get-the-Spectm service from Open Range, Netalogue Director, Andrew Robathan said: "Until we discovered Get-the-Spec from Open Range, obtaining high quality product data was a major headache and administrative chore for our clients.  Get-the-Spectm product data however, enables our clients to fully exploit all the very latest guided navigation and product filtering features which are available in the Netalogue Ecommerce Platform which in turn is delivering our clients huge competitor advantages in their markets."

Open Range has negotiated special terms with Netalogue for its clients.  For more information including budgetary quotations please contact us now on 0845 330 0618.

Read more about Netalogue and their innovative products on their web site